Semalt: Basic Reasons Why Hackers Attack This Or That Website

It is the prayer of every person owning a website not to fall into the hands of cyber criminals like hackers. The entire world wide web is full of many characters some of whom are legitimate while they have unclear motives. Every online business is all about SEO and how to prosper online. The security of a website is never a primary concern when making websites. People usually try to build sites with the end user or the end goal of the website in mind. What they don't know is that hackers spend sleepless nights trying to develop exploits and mechanisms, which can enhance their jobs. Some of the hack attacks, which hackers use in their entire browsing period depend on the new and upcoming tools, which make the whole online business risk.

To stay away from hackers, you may need to learn first why these hackers hack websites. Here is the list made by Max Bell, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, that sheds fresh light on the reasons behind every single hacker attack:

1. SEO spam.

Unfair competition in an e-commerce field is familiar, especially when hackers play a role. These people have the potential of stealing an email list from a competitor's website and using it to take the customers. In other cases, they can bring down a site like in DDoS hacks, where major botnets attack a server with millions of requests at a time. These hackers may then demand a pay to remove their exploits causing massive losses.

2. Steal Money.

Cyber fraud gets fuel from hacking. Most of the fraudulent funds moving over the internet are from hacked bank accounts and other payment systems like PayPal. In other cases, hackers can use SQL Injection to get into people's logins and make monetary transfers as though they were the real characters. Other hackers can borrow loans using stolen personal information.

3. Steal contact information.

Hackers get a lot of information of a person. Cyber bullies can use this information to make threats to the victim. Other individuals can commit offenses using hacked accounts, only to transfer the problem to an unsuspecting person. In other cases, personal information like identity card, SSN and driving license can be a sales item in the dark net. Identity theft and other common frauds depend on these accounts. Users should beware of these kinds of hackers.

4. Disturb the peace.

Some hackers may not necessarily want to steal of threatening the victim. However, they compromise the state of online security and can make your website get a Google hack flag. Such websites have trouble with ranking, and the whole process can make your SEO efforts fail.


There are many reasons as to why a hacker would gain the interest of hacking your website. The entire internet is full of cyber criminals who take up a variety of web resources as well as user safety. The whole internet experience of many people who have had an encounter with hackers is very horrible. For instance, hackers can expose a famous person's personal life through some images, which they can capture from the internet. Some reasons why hackers may hack your website are in this guideline. You can learn some of them and enhance the security of your e-commerce website against hackers.